17 – 19 Sep 2025  | 
METEC Southeast Asia 2025 METEC Southeast Asia 2025
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What Will I See

The first edition of METEC Southeast Asia 2025 which will be held alongside GIFA Southeast Asia, wire Southeast Asia and Tube Southeast Asia will feature the complete solutions for the metallurgy, steel casting, steel production, foundry systems, including casting machines and technologies, pouring equipment, moulding, core making, die making and many more.

What Will I See
Product Range To Look Out For
  • Plant and Equipment for Processing Prime and Raw Materials
  • Plant and Equipment for Iron Making
  • Plant and Equipment for Steel Making
  • Plant and Equipment for Non-Ferrous Metal Production
  • Plant and Equipment for Casting and Pouring of Molten Steel
  • Plant and Equipment for Casting and Pouring of Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Plant and Equipment for Shaping of Steel
  • Plant and Systems for Shaping of Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Plant and Systems for Environmental Protection and Disposal, Gas Purification
  • Electrical Engineering and Process Control Technology
  • Measurement and Test Technology
  • Information Processing
  • Miscellaneous Equipment for Metallurgical Plants and Rolling Mills
  • Steel Mills
  • Steel Products
  • Non-ferrous Metal Works
  • Non-Ferrous Products
  • Consulting, Design, Service and Engineering
  • Technical Publications, Technical Periodicals, Associations
  • Training, Further Education
  • Raw Materials in the Steel Industry