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METEC Southeast Asia 2025 METEC Southeast Asia 2025
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wire & Tube Southeast Asia 2023, GIFA & METEC Southeast Asia 2023 Exhibitor Technical Presentations provide a platform for exhibitors to showcase their knowledge in new product developments and technological solutions for businesses in the wire, cable, tube, pipe, foundry, and metallurgical industries. This live stage offers insights and expertise on emerging applications that address major trends affecting the metal industry.

Venue: Hall 103
FREE ADMISSION: Limited to 50 participants only

20 September, Wednesday (Day 1)

Time Exhibitor Topic & Synopsis Speaker Language
1.00pm - 1.45pm Lilz Gauge
Lilz Gauge
Remote Inspection of Equipment in Areas with No Power Supply
Demonstrating how combination of low power IoT devices, mobile networks, computer vision and machine learning can be used to digitalize inspection of equipment and manufacturing processes, even in areas with no power supply available.
Jacob Kolodziejczyk, CTO English
1.45pm – 2.30pm MAGMA Engineering Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
MAGMA Engineering Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Casting Process Simulation Helps to Produce Sustainably
Metallic yield is a crucial indicator for cast iron foundries seeking profitability and casting quality. Improving yield reduces costs and environmental impact through material and energy savings. Fundimig, a cast iron company, demonstrated this in a case study that won the ecoMetals AWARD 2023 at GIFA Düsseldorf. They optimized production using casting simulation, achieving high yield and low scrap rates. MAGMA's module, MAGMA ECONOMICS, helps companies decide on the best compromise between profitability, quality, and sustainability by assessing cost impacts and offering simulation options.
Robson Rodrigues, Head of Academy English
2.30pm – 3.15pm Tru-Cut Saw Inc.
Tru-Cut Saw Inc.
Metal Cutting Blades
Metal Cutting saw blade for the Tube and Pipe Industry
Richard Otter, Vice President English
3.15am - 4.00pm Speed3DMold
Digital Foundry Solution
ExOne binder 3D printers process a range of materials, from casting sand to reclaimed waste stream products and are designed to deliver complex parts at production scale.
Eric Bader, Managing Director of ExOne GmbH English

21 September, Thursday (Day 2)

Time Exhibitor Topic & Synopsis Speaker Language
11.00am - 11.45am Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science
Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science
Accurate Measurement on Chemical Composition Analysis in Foundry Metal
Accuracy in the chemical composition of metals in a foundry is crucial in the production of parts and also minimizes the loss of producing samples that do not meet the supplier's specifications. This topic discusses the factors that affect the accuracy of foundry chemistry analysis such as sample preparation and selection of appropriate analytical instruments to be able to select tools and equipment correctly and appropriately.
Ms.Peeraya Pipatnukun, Technical Manager, Chemical House & Lab Instrument Co., Ltd. Thai
1.00pm – 1.45pm M5 Engineering (Thailand)
M5 Engineering (Thailand)
7 Essentials to Produce Good Castings in HPDC
Introduction of latest technology to produce better castings in HPDC
Jan Wuethrich, Technical Director English
1.45pm – 2.30pm MAGMA Engineering Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
MAGMA Engineering Asia Pacific
How to Achieve High Quality Large Aluminum Structural Castings with Simulation
Structural aluminum parts for the automotive industry are predominantly produced via High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC). The rise of the EV car industry and demand for Giga-castings have led to cost reductions but pose challenges for die casters in terms of quality and productivity. This presentation aims to discuss quality requirements for large structural castings and how casting simulation can address issues like distortion, air entrapment, and cycle time in casting production and heat treatment.
Auttachai Utsajai, Application Engineer Thai
2.30pm – 3.15pm Cad Cast Co., Ltd
Cad Cast Co., Ltd
3D Printing for Casting Industry – Investment & Sand Casting
Exploring the different applications and ways 3D printing is being used for mass manufacturing in the casting industry.
Anshuman Tripathy, Sales Manager - ASEAN Thai
3.15pm – 4.00pm M5 Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
M5 Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Automatic Pouring Solutions for Ferrous Foundry
Advantages of automatic pouring in vertical and horizontal molding lines
Jan Wuethrich, Technical Director English
4.00pm – 4.45pm OMNI-X
Important of Quality Forming Tools
Deven Mukherjee, Sales Manager English

22 September, Thursday (Day 3)

Time Exhibitor Topic & Synopsis Speaker Language
1.00pm – 1.45pm SAMP SRL
Massimiliano Perrone, Sales Area Manager English